IGlow Conference

The iGlow Conference is an annual event organized by LoveWorks LUN, to connect researchers, active players and leaders of social enterprises to present their works/ideas/initiatives solving SDG-needs in communities. It aims at educating and empowering social innovators and aspiring ones with knowledge and tools for more sustainable social innovations in their communities.

IGlow Conference also creates a platform for visibility and networking; exposure to current pressing social challenges and proposed solutions; opportunities for collaboration; research funding and much more. LoveWorks is the arm of Love Umbrella Network (LUN) responsible for community services and social innovations. LoveWorks aims at promoting growth and development in the livelihood of individuals and communities through education, network empowerment and sustainable projects with economic impacts. LUN is a social organization committed to spreading love and raising Love Ambassadors in families and communities.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the iGLOW Conference is to assemble social innovators and inspire them with principles of love to expand their social impacts to more communities

The goal is to Educate, Empower, Impact (EEI), and the objectives are as follows;

  • To assemble and learn from successful social innovators – Educate
  • To equip aspiring social innovators with ideas, network and resources for social impact – Empower
  • To inspire, encourage and mobilize for actionable and sustainable social innovation project- Impact
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