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The Future of Social Innovation: Envisioning the world with Love

IGLOW International Conference for Social Innovation 2024

We are glad to announce that IGLOW International Conference for Social Innovators, 2024 is coming up in May 2024. Last year edition was dedicated to prepare our IGlow Innovators for AI innovation. In 2024, we are focusing more on design thinking and envisioning a better tomorrow.


At 2024 IGLOW Conference, be prepared to see notable presentations, inspirational ideas and opportunities for upcoming and veteran innovators. Some of the topics and highlights include;

  • Design Thinking, Inventing the desired future filled with love
  • Ideas to Accelerating Sustainable Development in developing Countries.
  • 20 Scholarship Opportunities for some attendees to study data sciences on Datacamp
  • Much more
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This year’s conference envisions a convergence of minds, a nexus where social innovators, visionary entrepreneurs, esteemed SDG Ambassadors, policymakers, academia, and individuals impassioned by societal transformation come together. Our collective purpose is to weave a tapestry of ideas, foster meaningful connections, and provide empowering opportunities to catalyze and expedite social innovations, particularly in underdeveloped and developing nations.

The Objectives are summarized as
– Fostering Collaborative and Cross Domain Love-based Innovation – We seek to create an intellectual crucible where diverse perspectives converge, sparking dialogues that transcend boundaries. By bringing together social innovators, entrepreneurs, and academia, we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical insights and pragmatic solutions, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for sustainable development.
– Empowering and Activating Love-based Social Innovators – Empowerment is the cornerstone of our vision. We aspire to empower change agents with the tools, resources, and connections essential for the initiation and acceleration of impactful social innovations. Through targeted sessions, and networking opportunities, participants will gain the insights and support needed to navigate the complexities of social innovation, with a specific emphasis on addressing challenges prevalent in underdeveloped and developing countries.
– Inspiring Ethical AI Love-based Innovations – Fostering a Culture of Responsible Innovation by Aligning AI with Ethical Imperatives. Our vision embraces nurturing ethical leadership within the realms of social innovation, and harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for social good. Through enlightening discussions and insights from industry experts, we aim to cultivate a profound understanding of the ethical dimensions associated with AI applications.
– Encouraging Love-based Partnerships and Sponsorships for Social Impact – Recognizing the transformative power of collaborative partnerships, our vision includes the facilitation of impactful collaborations between various stakeholders. By creating a platform for policy-makers to engage with social innovators and entrepreneurs, we aim to stimulate partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. These partnerships will be instrumental in amplifying the impact of social innovations, especially in regions where development challenges are most acute

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